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Frigidaire Gas Furnaces

All of the Frigidaire Gas Furnaces feature the SmartLite® Control board. A revolutionary computer within your furnace that learns the heat-up characteristics of the igniter and then adjusts automatically.

97+% AFUE iQ Drive® Fully Modulating Ultra High Efficiency

The iQ Drive fully modulating gas furnace by Frigidaire is the epitome of comfort, convenience and quiet. It continuously adjusts its heat output to exactly match the needs of your home – so you maximize your energy efficiency while enjoying constant comfort.

95.1% AFUE Gas Furnaces Extra-High Efficiency

Besides meeting the Energy Star guidelines, extremely efficient Frigidaire 95.1% AFUE upflow gas furnaces help create a completely comfortable home with the latest technology to provide more balanced temperatures. An insulated door and sealed vestibule dramatically reduce noise levels, while the low-profile design means these furnaces can be installed in a variety of spaces.

92.1% AFUE Gas Furnaces Extra-High Efficiency

This line of Energy Star Efficient furnaces include our tall and short furnaces, a variety of application features like, upflow/horizontal, downflow, variable speed and two-stage heating for better comfort.

Built For Generations

Generation after generation, consumers have come to appreciate the longevity in Frigidaire products. Expect no less with Frigidiare heating and cooling products. Your heating and cooling system is the key to staying comfortable and safe from extreme outdoor temperatures. We do everything we can to make sure these products are built to last, and reliable during the times you need them most.

That’s why we take great care in building every Frigidaire heating and cooling product. We use a manufacturing process unique to the heating and cooling industry, called Demand Flow Technology. While most manufacturers test their products at random, we test each and every furnace and air conditioner we manufacture. In fact, each product goes through our “check, check and recheck” process at every station during the manufacturing process. To give you an example of what that means, our gas furnaces are checked about 234 times, and our air conditioners are checked about 144 times.

Our quality control station performs 100% computer automated testing to eliminate human error in the final analysis. It’s the confidence we have in our heating and cooling products that allows us to offer an outstanding Warranty and Comfort Quality Pledge


We are the first and only certified DFT manufacturer for heating and cooling products, and are proud to manufacture all our Frigidaire Central Heating and Cooling products in the USA.

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