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See Our NuHeat Mat Selection

As Canadians, we’ve learned to layer up! Keeping warm during the long, frigid winters up North is easier said than done. So we layer our socks, sweaters and long johns - all to help ward off the chill. 

What if there was a more effective solution?

 Instead of layering your socks this winter, consider installing a Nuheat mat, cable or mesh system.

These systems offer in-floor heating that’s affordable, reliable and effortless!


Why Choose Nuheat? 

Nuheat solutions offer unmatched heating performance!

These soundless systems use radiant zone heating to warm your home from the ground up. 

This zone heating method allows you to set the temperature of individual rooms. Using a programmable thermostat, you control where and when the system heats your home.

Floor heating also lowers the heating demand of your central heating system. When used as a secondary heat source, floor heating helps evenly warm your home. 

Kitchens, garage apartments and bathrooms don’t typically heat evenly. Your central heating works extra hard to keep these areas at the same temperature as the house, but they are tricky to heat! They may have tile flooring, hardwood flooring, less insulation, fewer windows etc. 

Floor heating helps ensure these rooms have consistent, even temperatures throughout. It also helps to ease the pressure on your central heating system by supporting your home heating from the ground up!

This keeps your central heating system from working too hard and using too much energy.

We’ve listed other top benefits of in-floor electric heating below! 

Top Benefits of In-Floor Electric Heating:

  • Silent 
  • Maintenance Free
  • Energy Efficient 
  • Non-Allergenic 
  • Effective
  • Affordable 

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Our Nuheat Mat and Cable Selection

Our Gravenhurst Heating team promises to keep our clients warm - even in the coldest winters! That’s why we work with Nuheat to provide only the best in-floor heating systems.

See our selection below!


Standard Nuheat Mat

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A standard Nuheat mat is the thinnest and easiest floor heating system to install. They are only 1/8 inch thick and yet can guarantee consistent heating coverage!

Standard mats come in over 70 different sizes and dimensions - giving you the perfect fit!

Pick the size that fits your desired heating area and our team will install it for you!


Custom Nuheat Mat

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A custom Nuheat mat is specifically made-to-measure for a perfect fit. They have solutions for even the most complex dimensions! 

These mats are only 1/8 inch thick as well, offering the same consistent heating coverage as a standard mat.

Submit the area dimensions for a perfectly-sized Nuheat mat - made in only three days!


Nuheat Cable 

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We build Nuheat cables to the necessary dimensions during the installation process. This offers the most on-site flexibility for those tricky flooring layouts.

Nuheat Cable kits come in 33 sizes. Choose the cable kit that is best suited for your desired heating area. We'll ensure it's the perfect fit!


Nuheat Cable & Membrane

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Nuheat membrane is a tile underlayment and uncoupling sheet. These systems pair with Nuheat cables to offer enhanced waterproofing and floor heating!

These systems also simplify your Nuheat cable installations by replacing the second layer of plywood or concrete. This reduces the risk of tile cracks caused by flooring movement over time.


Nuheat Mesh

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Nuheat mesh is best suited for square and rectangular-shaped areas. It's also a great solution if you need more on-site installation flexibility!

In this system, the heating wire attaches to a roll of adhesive mesh material. During installation, the installer can cut, turn and adhere this roll to the subfloor as needed.

Nuheat Mesh kits come in 32 sizes. Choose the one that best suits the size of your area! We'll take it from there to ensure the perfect fit on-site!

plywood or concrete. This reduces the risk of tile cracks caused by flooring movement over time.


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Stay warm this winter with Nuheat floor heating systems! Our Gravenhurst Heating team is here to help you find the best floor heating solution for your home. 

Call us today at (705) 687-3402 or email us at info@gravenhurstplumbing.com.


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