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Electric Floor Heating For Your Muskoka Cottage or Home

Electric Floor Heating For Your Muskoka Cottage And Home!

Got cold feet? No matter how thick your socks are, that frigid floor always seems to nip your toes!

Nobody likes cold feet on a chilly winter morning! But with Northern Ontario temperatures dropping so quickly, it's hard to keep up.

It’s no wonder cottagers and homeowners are looking into electric floor heating!

In-floor heating offers a seamless solution to cold tile, stone and laminate flooring. So instead of walking on a frigid floor all winter long, you can enjoy the warmth in each step!

Are you looking for a quiet, non-allergenic and energy-efficient heating solution? Consider installing electric floor heating!


What Is In-Floor Heating? And How Does It Work?

Electric floor heating warms your home from the ground up!

Here’s how the process works:

Electric floor heating uses resistance wires, like copper or nichrome, installed beneath your flooring. 

These resistance wires both have high thermal conductivity, which means they can produce heat very quickly. So, as electric currents pass through them, a sufficient amount of heat is produced! 

This heat then rises, using radiant energy. 

As that heat continues to rise, it also warm up other heat-conductive materials along the way - like stone and ceramic!

That’s why you can usually find in-floor heating under bathroom and kitchen floors.

These rooms usually have tile installed to prevent water damage, stains and odours. And while these surfaces are easy to clean, they don’t help to keep the area warm.

In-floor heating solves this problem by effectively heating the tiles below your feet!


Why Choose In-Floor Radiant Heating?

There are many benefits to in-floor heating - whether used at your home or cottage!

10 Benefits of Radiant Heat

1. Out of Sight

One of the top benefits of in-floor heating is that it takes up zero extra space.

In fact, you'd barely know it was there at all if not for the cozy heat you feel!

While most heating systems need space for bulky installations, in-floor heating does not. 

Your flooring conceals all the wiring used for your electric floor heating. And that's all the equipment needed!

2. Quiet

Besides being out of sight and mind, your in-floor heating is also soundless.

Unlike forced-air heating systems, radiant heat offers a silent approach to home heating.

3. Non-Allergenic

A forced air system uses air circulation to spread heat throughout the home. But carried along with the heated air circulating your home is dust and other indoor allergens.

Radiant heat does not need to move air around your home to circulate warmth - it uses thermal radiation. 

This makes it a non-allergic heating solution!

4. Energy Efficient

With fuel costs constantly fluctuating, homeowners are now searching for cheaper home heating. And while we could recommend many energy-efficient systems, this is one of the best!

As mentioned above, radiant heat does not use forced air to move heat around a home. It uses thermal radiation. So you never have to worry about,

a) Losing heat through cracks in your ductwork or
b) Making your heat system work overtime to heat a cold spot in a far-off room of your home.

5. Maintenance-Free

Are you on a furnace maintenance plan with our team? These plans offer regular tune-ups for your HVAC equipment. They ensure your heating system is always in good working order.

We highly recommend these plans for most HVAC systems - including furnaces, heat pumps, boilers and fireplaces. But we don’t typically recommend them for in-floor heating.


Because in-floor electric heating is a one-and-done installation process!

This system does not need regular maintenance - or any maintenance at all!

In fact, your radiant heating system will last approximately 20+ years after installation. Without any upkeep!


Warm Up This Winter With Gravenhurst Electric Floor Heating

Experience the epitome of home comfort this winter with electric floor heating!

Contact our Gravenhurst Heating and Electric team today to learn more. Or fill in the form below to schedule a free in-floor heating quote!

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