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6 Reasons to Protect Your Family with a Standby Generator

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If you have ever endured a power outage, you can probably easily recollect the feelings of helplessness this event can evoke. You may become acutely aware of just how much you take ready power for granted. The microwave doesn't work and neither does the stove. Your cell phone is down for the count, as is your HVAC unit.

But there is a way to ensure future power outages don't cause discomfort and possibly danger to you, your home, and your family. In this post, learn 6 key reasons why a standby generator might be the best investment you make this year.

Reason #1: No power? No problem!

If you look at the fundamental function of a standby generator, you will quickly realize its sole purpose is to provide power when there is no other ready power source. As such, a standby generator is your last-resort power supply for any need you may have, no matter how specific.

Reason #2: Customized options can meet your specific power needs

When you were shopping for your home, you may have felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. Some homes had these features but not those. Other homes were perfect in this way but not in that way. Finally, you walked into the door of that special, one-of-a-kind property that you now call "home."

Standby generators are just as customized. Whether your power needs are minimal or extensive, and whether you need your generator to be able to travel with you or remain stationary, you can find a standby generator to meet your needs.

This also holds true for emergency generator options. If you are comfortable with starting up your generator manually in the event of an outage, you can find an option that works for you. In the same way, if you need your generator to detect the loss of power and start up instantly and automatically, there is a generator that can meet your needs.

Reason #3: Today's standby generators are built with safety chief in mind

The whole reason to invest in a standby generator is safety for you and your family. Today's standby generators are built with safety listed at the top of the features and specifications list.

For example, you can choose between a range of safety options, including these:

  • Automatic transfer switches This specialized switch will automatically activate the generator in the event of a loss of power and deactivate the generator when the regular power source is restored.

  • Automatic voltage detection/regulation If the standby generator is wired to power sensitive electronic equipment (examples include computers, entertainment centers, home security systems), it will automatically block fluctuations in voltage so no harm will be caused to these devices.

  • Automatic safety shutoff If there is any internal issue that may cause the standby generator to malfunction (examples include low oil or coolant, overheating or other similar issues), the generator will automatically turn itself off for safety reasons.

  • Built-in circuit breakers This essential safety feature blocks excessive voltage surges that may harm the generator or any appliances or equipment that the generator is wired to power.

  • Liquid cooling option This newer cooling option is a specific fix for high-watt standby generators that have a tendency to run more loudly. With liquid cooling, even generators that can handle a very high wattage will run quietly and unobtrusively in the background, with no risk of overheating.

Reason #4: Easy manual operation (for manual standby generators)

Automatic-start and manual-start standby generators each come with their own unique set of considerations and options.

Even better, in addition to many of the features outlined here for automatic-start generators, the new breed of manual-start generators also offers these features:

  • Button-start operation So long as the generator's battery is holding a full charge, today's manual generators can be started with the press of a button.

  • Easy-to-read fuel gauges Know at a glance how much fuel is remaining to power the manual generator by looking at these gauges.

  • 12V outlet options If there are batteries that need to be charged during the power outage, this special outlet can take care of that while the generator is running.

  • Wheel kits. For generators that are manual-start and portable, wheels make it easy to travel with the generator in tow.

  • Automatic idle. For manual generators that are needed only sporadically throughout a power outage, this feature will idle the generator engine to save fuel.

Reason #5: A standby generator saves perishables

There is no worse feeling than waiting out a power outage while knowing all the food in the fridge and freezer is slowly spoiling. Sometimes these perishables can represent hundreds or even thousands of dollars that become literally unsalvageable when the power goes out.

With a standby generator, this investment won't go to waste. For some families, this savings alone can more than justify the investment in a standby generator!

Reason #6: A standby generator saves lives

There are so many known safety issues that can crop up during a power outage. But it is the unknown issues that are the scariest. For example, for some families who have an ill or recuperating family member who requires in-house powered medical devices, a standby generator is simply not optional.

Finally, in severe weather conditions, especially extreme heat and cold, young and elderly family members may rely on the temperature control function of a standby generator for their health and life.

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