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Is Your Home Fire-Safe? Why You Need a Pre-Winter Furnace Inspection!

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Many visitors to Canada arrive during our short but lovely summer season. They fall in love with Canada’s temperate climate and natural beauty and some even decide to move here permanently.

But then Canada’s winter season arrives and these newbie transplants get a big surprise!

Canada winters are no joke. This winter in particular is predicted to be memorable, with icy weather already arriving nearly a month ahead of schedule.

With winters like these coming like clockwork each year, you really want to know ahead of time that your heating appliances are up to the task ahead of them. This is important not just for winter warmth and comfort, but also for home safety. Heating equipment is one of the top 10 causes of winter home fires annually.

In this post, learn what you need to know about winter fire safety. Find out what is included in a pre-winter furnace or heating appliance inspection. And discover how you can save on preventative heating equipment maintenance now and in the future.

Home Heating Safety Tips

Regardless of what type of appliances you rely on to stay warm during the winter, there is always a risk when you operate heating equipment in your home.

Remaining aware of and vigilant about heating and fire safety is the key to avoid becoming a victim of winter home fires.

We recommend following these handy home heating safety tips to the letter to ensure safe operation of all heating equipment this winter:

  • Clear a three-foot safety path around all heating equipment (i.e., furnace, stove, space heater, fireplace, etc.).

  • Remove anything potentially flammable from this area.

  • Never allow children or pets to venture into this three-foot safety zone even when heating appliances are not in use.

  • Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector every month, replacing batteries as needed.

  • Review your family evacuation plan and practice your safety drill before winter begins.

  • Schedule your preventative safety inspection and maintenance service before starting to use your heating appliances each year.

  • Ensure your fireplace has a clean chimney and flue and a sturdy, child-proof safety screen.

  • Proceed with caution when handling and disposing of cooled ashes from the fireplace.

  • Never leave space heaters running when no one is in the room or at home.

  • Do not use your oven as a heating source for your home.

What to Expect During Your Heating Safety Inspection and Maintenance Service

If your heating equipment is currently under warranty, it may be especially important to ensure you schedule your annual safety inspection and maintenance to keep your warranty terms valid.

Beyond protecting your warranty coverage, any heating appliance that is 10 years or older is a potential candidate to be replaced. At the very least, older appliances really need an annual safety inspection as well as a full cleaning and tune-up.

Even new appliances can benefit greatly from annual inspection and service, which will extend the efficiency and useful life of these units.

Here is a general list of items that should always be included in any annual safety inspection and maintenance tune-up:

  • Thorough cleaning of exterior and interior components

  • Cleaning and inspection of grills, louvers, vents and registers

  • Inspection and testing of electrical wires and connections and pilot light/ignition

  • Inspection for rust/corrosion and mould/mildew and cleaning as needed

  • Cleaning and replacement of air filters

  • Inspection and cleaning of drainage system including hoses, trap and drain

  • Inspection and cleaning of blower and motor

  • Tightening, lubrication and repair of moving parts as needed

  • Thermostat test for temperature accuracy

If your technician discovers any heating equipment repair needs that extend beyond the routine inspection and maintenance tune-up service, you will be notified about recommended repairs and estimated costs. Repair estimates are always free and financing is available.

It is easy to schedule your preventative maintenance and annual heating equipment safety inspection online by completing this simple online form.

The Gravenhurst Maintenance Difference

At Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating and Electric, all of our courteous, prompt, professional and highly trained service technicians are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

We are trained to install, maintain, inspect and repair all makes and models of HVAC, electrical and plumbing equipment.

All work done always comes with our service guarantee. We offer financing for equipment purchase and repairs.

We also provide HVAC equipment and standby generators for rent.

Choose Your Heating Equipment Preventative Maintenance Plan

Gravenhurst offers two preventative maintenance plan options.

Comfort Maintenance Plan

Gravenhurst’s comfort maintenance plan is an ideal choice if you have heating equipment that is new or still early in its useful life cycle.

Under this plan, you receive a once-yearly routine safety inspection and maintenance service. This service is completed during normal business hours.

Heating Protection plan

Gravenhurst’s heating protection plan is an ideal choice if you have older heating equipment that may experience unexpected outages requiring emergency repairs.

The heating protection plan is designed to give you priority position in the queue should you experience an emergency heating outage. Your agreement also gives you access to 24/7 emergency repairs outside of regular business hours, which includes nights, weekends and holidays.

Under the heating protection plan, you also receive one routine safety inspection and maintenance service for your heating equipment to be completed during normal business hours.

Is It Time to Replace Your Heating Equipment?

This is a question many homeowners face each year: Will this be the year your heating equipment stops working for good?

Your annual safety inspection and preventative maintenance service appointment is a good time to explore this question with your service technician to avoid mid-winter surprises.

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