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Making the Right Heat Choice: Boilers or Furnaces?


As the temperatures drop in, finding the right heating system becomes our top priority. The dispute between boilers and furnaces is frequently raised, with each offering unique benefits adapted to particular demands. To help homes find the best heating solution, Gravenhurst Heating (GPHE) offers over 75 years of experience.


Boiler Basics

Gravenhurst Heating offers Alta, a renowned series of boilers, for example, is a popular choice for colder areas, delivering cost-effective, high-performance heating solutions. Boilers, as compared to furnaces, use radiant heat to warm their medium, which is water. The various boiler types—gas-fired, electric, and oil-fired—each have their own efficiency and cost considerations.


The Excellence of Alta Boilers

 With over six decades of industry leadership, Alta boilers embody excellence, ingenuity, and efficiency, catering to residential, commercial, and industrial heating needs.


Boiler Benefits Beyond Heating

Boilers offer features that go beyond basic home heating. They excel at radiant heating, which is perfect for floor heat and baseboard heaters. Furthermore, they cater to specific needs such as driveway heating and maintaining appropriate temperatures in hot tubs and swimming pools. Aside from these extra benefits, boilers provide dependable, constant warmth, which is reassuring during the cold winter months.


Exploring Furnaces

While boilers excel at radiant heating, furnaces rule the forced-air market. They use air ducts to transmit heat and are often powered by gas or electricity. Furnaces are known for their swift heating capabilities, making them ideal for larger buildings and homes with varying heating requirements.


Making the Right Choice

Choosing between a boiler and a furnace depends on a variety of criteria. Boilers provide flexibility and added functionality, making them an appealing choice for complete heating systems. However, factors including fuel availability, budget limits, and space requirements all play important parts in this decision-making process.


Consult the Experts

The decision to invest in a heating system shouldn't be made in isolation. Gravenhurst Heating's experienced technicians offer invaluable guidance. They analyze your home's unique needs and resources to recommend the optimal heating solution, ensuring warmth, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.



The debate over boilers and furnaces is about more than just heating preferences—it's about finding the best match for your home. The correct decision should match with your heating demands, budget, and lifestyle, whether it's the dependability and versatility of a boiler or the quick, widespread warmth of a furnace.

Gravenhurst Heating is committed to providing warmth and comfort while optimizing sustainability and cost efficiency in this critical decision-making process.


Remember, it's not just about heating your home; it's about creating a space that embraces warmth, efficiency, and dependability—all via the use of the proper heating system.

Discover the best heating option for your home. Contact Gravenhurst Heating right away!

Explore the ultimate guide to choosing between boilers and furnaces for your home heating needs in Northern Ontario. Discover the benefits, versatility, and efficiency offered by boilers like Alta's line, alongside expert advice from Gravenhurst Heating's technicians. Make an informed decision for a cozy, cost-effective winter ahead!

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