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Power Your Summer Adventures With a Reliable Generac Generator

Camper Trailer In Gravenhurst, Ontario, Powered By a Generac Portable Generator.
Inverter Generator Powering a Camper Trailer in Gravenhurst, Ontario.

Power Your Summer Adventures With a Reliable Generac Generator

You can’t live in Gravenhurst, Ontario, without craving adventure in the great outdoors! But who said you have to go entirely without power to experience nature at its finest?

With a portable Generac generator, you can,

a) Travel off-grid and

b) Still enjoy the convenience of reliable electricity!

That’s the power of a travel-friendly, backup power solution!

We are huge advocates of adventure At Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating and Electric.

We believe in embracing the outdoors.

We believe in experiencing nature close-up.

And most importantly, we believe in passing that longing to explore on to our kids!

That’s why we offer the most reliable outdoor power solutions. So you can power your summer adventures - no matter where they lead you!


Which Portable Generac Generator Should You Invest In?

Having the right portable generator size and type is crucial. You want to ensure you have the power you need when you need it - without carrying too much extra weight in the process.

But which portable generator is best for your adventurous lifestyle?

Our selection of Generac portable generators includes portable, inverter and standby solutions.

And since the standby solution is far from transportable, we’ll focus on the portable and inverter options below.

Portable Generator

The portable generator is the standard backup power choice. Not only is it conveniently transportable, but it’s the cheapest possible version of the portable generator.

Choose between a gasoline, diesel or propane engine and up to 10,000 watts of power!

Inverter Generator

The inverter generator is another portable generator type - run by gasoline alone.

This backup power solution is the most fuel-efficient option. But it's also the cleanest and quietest!

This generator doesn’t come as big as the portable generator. But you can get one with a wattage of up to 7,000!

Before you choose one, you’ll need to identify what you will use it for.

How much power will you need?

What types of appliances will the generator support?

How are you transporting the generator from place to place?

You need to ask these questions before shopping for the best portable generator. Otherwise, you could end up with a low power output that doesn't meet your needs.

To help narrow down your choice, let’s explore some of the most common summer uses of the portable generator!

Don’t forget to keep track of the power needs your generator will need to take on as we go along.


Top Summer Uses For a Generac Portable Generator

Generac portable generators ensure you have the power you need, when and where you need it!

Whether that’s keeping the sump pump in your Muskoka cottage running during a power outage. Or charging your phone at your off-grid campsite.

Portable power gives you the freedom to let go and explore - without limits!

Backcountry Camping

Are you a hardcore camper who prefers pitching their tent in the middle of nowhere than within an official campground? Portable generators are the perfect addition to your backcountry camping supplies!

One of the greatest benefits of having a portable generator on hand is the ability to power anything that needs it!

What to use a portable generator for when camping:

  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Sound Systems
  • Portable Refrigerators
  • Tent Fans
  • Portable Televisions
  • Electrical Chargers
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Outdoor Showers
  • Tent Heaters
  • Tent Air Conditioner
  • Coffeemakers
  • And More!

Who said roughing it has to exclude the convenience of portable power? 


So instead of winter camping without any heat or waking up on a crisp fall morning without any hot coffee, pack some power!

RV or Trailer Camping

Trailer camping is another great summer activity - built for exploration and lasting memories!

It gives families the opportunity to travel remotely and explore off-grid camping - all with the comforts of home!

Some campers choose to park their trailers in a comfortable campground with a handy-dandy electrical hook-up. While others would rather have the flexibility to roam the country.

But for this type of on-the-go camping, you’ll need a generator.

What to use a portable generator for in a travel trailer or RV:

  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Heaters
  • Ranges
  • Outlets
  • Water Pump
  • Television
  • Cooktops
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers…etc.

Portable generators guarantee that you always have ample power - no matter where your travels take you!


Outdoor Summer Events

Hosting a backyard BBQ or outdoor wedding? A portable Generac generator can bring power to your outdoor summer events in seconds!

A portable generator can power your:

  • Sound Equipment
  • Food Warmers
  • Dance Floor Lighting
  • Bouncy Houses
  • Projectors
  • Small Appliances
  • Fans…etc.

Amping up your summer just got a whole lot easier!


How To Choose The Best Portable Generator

As mentioned above, before shopping for the best portable generator, you need to identify:

  • What appliances will the generator support?
  • How much power do these appliances need?
  • Where will you be using the generator?
  • How do you plan to transport the generator from place to place?

Once you know these answers, contact your Gravenhurst Electic team!

Your answers to these questions will help us narrow down which power output, size and price fit you best. And from there, we can branch out into what noise levels and fuel efficiencies suit your preferences.

We can then explore your generator options alongside you! So you can feel confident choosing the best power for your unique needs. 


Amp Up Your Summer Adventures With Power You Can Take Anywhere!

This summer, get the power you need when and where you need it!

Our Generac portable generators offer recreational, job-site and emergency power support. So no matter what your summer looks like, you’ll always have the power you need.

What adventures will your portable generator tag along for?

Get in touch with our Gravenhurst generator experts at (705) 687-3402 or email us at info@gravenhurstplumbing.com!

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