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Spring is The Best Time To Install a Backup Generator - Learn Why Here!

Spring is The Best Time To Install a Backup Generator - Learn Why Here!

The forecast is in! Spring of 2022 is looking cold, wet and dramatic. According to the Weather Network, “March and April will test our patience”. Not quite the warm, springy weather we were looking forward to. Is your backup generator ready to face the storm?

Thankfully, the risk of spring flooding has decreased this year. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still have to prepare for the worst. With the expected cold weather hitting Ontario in the coming months, winter may not be over quite yet.

At Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating and Electric, we’ve seen the effects of unpredictable spring weather. We're here to make sure you, your home and your HVAC systems are well prepared.

The solution?

Install a reliable standby generator big enough to power your essential home utilities. Keep reading to find out why March is the best time to install your backup generator!

But First, What Is a Backup Generator? How Does It Work?

A backup generator, also called a standby generator, is a guaranteed source of electricity. It protects and powers your home automatically with immediate power restoration.

Once directly hooked up to your home electrical system, this generator can
a) Power your entire home, or
b) Power the essential HVAC systems of your choosing.

What Utilities and Appliances Can an Automatic Standby Generator Power?

But not every generator can power all these appliances at once. The number of home utilities they can power depends entirely on their size.

For example, if you want to back up your television, you’re looking at a 300W generator. But if you want to back up your sump pump, that will need a 1000W generator.

Looking for a whole house backup generator? Find out what size generator you need below!

Generator Sizing Calculator

Why Install Your Backup Generator During The Spring?

You can install a backup generator at any time. During the winter when frozen pipe protection is a must. During the summer when power outages are all too common. During the spring when basements are constantly flooding.

No matter the season, a standby generator is always going to be invaluable.

So what makes spring the best month to install your backup power supply?

During the spring months, you can experience:

  • Rain 
  • Hail 
  • Snow 
  • Thunderstorms 
  • Flooding
  • Lightning strikes 
  • Water run-off etc. 

And EACH of these weather conditions presents a risk to your home, investments and safety.

A power outage alone can knock out your home’s heating, security system and sump pump - causing both a flood and a security threat. Add a power surge to the mix and your expensive HVAC systems and home utilities are also at risk.

Thankfully, a standby generator can back up your entire home! It can prevent these weather conditions from wreaking havoc on your home’s power supply.

5 Benefits of a Spring Backup Generator Installation:

1. Prevents basement flooding

As you’ve seen in the list above, a standby generator has the power to back up even the heaviest power suckers in your home. That includes your sump pump - the HVAC system that prevents your basement from flooding all spring long.

With a standby generator in place, your sump can stay pumping even during the most intense of thunderstorms!

2. Immediately restores power during an outage

Power outages are common during intense seasons, but that immediate loss of power still comes as a shock.

Have you dug your flashlight out of storage? Did you fill buckets of water to flush the toilets? Did you unplug all your electronics?

With a backup generator, you don’t have to worry about any of this! Within 20-30 seconds, your generator will automatically provide immediate power restoration.

3. Offers unlimited power supply with zero refuelling

Your Generac generator will run until your utility power returns - regardless of how long that might take! Whether it be 20 minutes or 3 weeks, you’ll never have to worry about it running out of fuel or power. It’ll just keep going and going until your utility power kicks back in! At which point it’ll automatically shut off, waiting on standby for the next emergency.

4. Protects your family, home and investments 24/7

A backup generator brings peace of mind 24/7, so you never have to worry - even when you’re not home!

Besides keeping your essential utilities running strong, it also powers your:

  • Alarm system
  • Indoor and outdoor lights
  • Medical devices
  • Communication devices and more!

 It works to protect you, your family and your investments 100% of the time!

5. Increases your home’s risk protection.

Increased home protection brings increased loss prevention!

Insurance companies don’t like insuring homes that are “high risk”. That’s why they encourage homeowners to invest in security systems, detectors, sensors and (you guessed it) generators!

Did you know that installing a properly connected standby generator may lower your home insurance premium by up to 10%?

Please Note: This will depend on your specific insurance company and may not be applicable to everyone.

Looking For a Reliable Backup Power Supply This Spring? Generac Is The #1 Selling Brand of Home Backup Generators!

A home backup generator is a big investment. But it’s also one of the best investments you can make in regards to the comfort and safety of your home and family.

At Gravenhurst Plumbing Heating and Electric, we help you find a standby generator that fits both your budget and power needs.

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We’re On Standby Too! Contact Our Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating and Electric Team Today!

Power outages can be extremely expensive. Protect your home and family this spring with a reliable standby generator.

Whether you’re looking for a backup generator for your home, business or cottage, we have a solution that fits your needs.

You can contact our team at 1(705) 687-3402 or find us online!

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