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Air Source Heat Pump

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Heating your home during a frigid Canadian winter is 100% necessary. But it isn't always cheap. And the same goes for air conditioning! Although we all want to escape that summer humidity with home air conditioning, an A/C unit has become somewhat of a luxury for today’s homeowners.

Are you looking for an affordable heating and cooling solution that lowers your energy bills and your carbon footprint at the same time? Replace your furnace with a heat pump!

Heat pump technology is quickly becoming the best year-round heating and cooling solution - even in northern Canada where temperatures can drop quite low.

Our air source heat pumps by Frigidaire are energy efficient, durable and long-lasting. So you can experience high-performance heating and cooling for less!

Gravenhurst Air-Source Heat Pumps By Frigidaire

19-SEER Heat Pump - Model: FSH1BG, 10-HSPF iQ Drive®
16-SEER Heat Pump - Model: FSH1BF, 9-HSPF
15-SEER Heat Pump - Model: FSH1BE, 8.5-HSPF

What Does SEER mean?

SEER is an acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. SEER measures cooling performance on air conditioners and air source heat pumps - as the rating increases, so does the efficiency of the unit.

What Does HSPF mean?

HSPF is an acronym for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. It uses the same rating formula as SEER, except it’s meant to rate the energy efficiency of heat pumps specifically. To do this, it measures the heating output, instead of the cooling output.

10 Benefits of a Frigidaire Air Source Heat Pump:

  1. Reduced energy bills.
  2. Environmentally friendly.
  3. Dual heating and cooling abilities.
  4. Space heater compatibility.
  5. Low maintenance.
  6. Easy installation.
  7. Durable and long-lasting design.
  8. Quiet operation
  9. No fuel storage is required.

Energy Star Certified

Our Frigidaire air source heat pumps are also Energy Star certified! This means that each of our heat pumps:

  1. Are designed to consume 5% less energy than traditional models.
  2. Have higher SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings.  
  3. Have higher EER (energy efficiency ratio) ratings.
  4. Have higher HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) ratings.

How Does An Air Source Heat Pump Work?

Air source heat pumps are highly innovative. They rely on the heat energy found in the air to either:

  1. Bring heat indoors to heat the home, or
  2. Remove heat from the indoors to cool the home.

This process of transferring heat is both more efficient and cost-effective than conventional heating methods. Rather than converting heat through fuel combustion (ie. oil, propane), it simply carries heat energy from one space to another.

In the summer, an air source heat pump transfers heat energy from the indoor air, bringing it outdoors to help cool the home.

In the winter, an air source heat pump transfers heat energy from the outdoor air, bringing it indoors to help heat the home. With modern technology, a heat pump can even operate in Northern Ontario’s low winter temperatures!

Is An Air Source Heat Pump Right For Your Home?

Deciding on a new heating solution for your home can be challenging, but our Gravenhurst Heating specialists are here to help make the process easy.

Heat pump technology has advanced in incredible ways, especially in recent years - becoming more efficient, more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective than ever before. Depending on the season, air source heat pumps can actually offer up to 400% efficiency!

Let’s explore what makes an air source heat pump a good heating solution for your home:

Energy Efficiency

To understand the energy efficiency of an air source heat pump, you first need to understand how this efficiency is measured.

An air source heat pump’s efficiency is measured by its Coefficient of Performance (COP).

Essentially, this ratio compares the USEFUL energy produced vs. the NECESSARY energy required to operate.

During warmer seasons, an air source heat pump can have quite a high COP, meaning it can produce more units of energy per single kW of energy used. If it has a COP of 5, this means that it can produce 5 units of energy per only 1 kW of energy used.

At 8 degrees Celcius in Canada, an air source heat pump’s COP varies from 2.0 and 5.4! This means it can make up to 5.4 units of energy using only 1 kW of energy!

Please Note: Exact energy savings are dependent on:

  • Your local climate.
  • The air source heat pump’s control strategy.
  • The size of the air source heat pump.
  • The type of air source heat pump.
  • The efficiency ratings of the air source heat pump (SEER, EER, HSRF)

System Performance

With increased energy efficiency comes improved system performance!

New, innovative technology has brought incredible improvements to the performance of air source heat pumps, including improved performance in the:

  • Heat exchanger design.
  • Efficient flow of refrigerant.
  • The controlled flow of refrigerant.
  • Compressor technology.


With reduced energy consumption and improved performance, your air source heat pump has the power to lower your energy bills significantly. In fact, with reduced monthly energy bills, you can usually make up for the initial installation cost within 5 years!

Please Note: The cost of operating your air source heat pump will depend on quite a few factors, including:
The necessary heating in the home.
The specific efficiency ratings of your heat pump
The temperature of the heat source (ie. your outdoor air).

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