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POU Water Systems

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At Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating and Electric, providing our homeowners and cottage owners with excellent water quality is so important. That’s why we work with Rainfresh, our trusted, Canadian water treatment provider, to ensure that your water is up to par! This company is certified to CSA and NSF standards. 

One of the products that we frequently install in our customers’ homes and cottages is a POU Water System. A POU Water System is installed under the sink in your home and/or cottage to provide clean, safe, and great tasting drinking water. They can also be used on any water source - including a drilled well, lake or city water. 

Gravenhurst’s Point Of Use Water System By RainFresh


What Is A POU Water System?

A POU (Point Of Use) water system is a water treatment piece installed to the point of use in a home (ie. a kitchen faucet) and treats water for drinking and cooking. It uses a 3-stage system with chrome faucets and protect the water quality against:

  • Bacteria
  • Cysts
  • Chemicals
  • Chlorine taste and odour
  • Sediment

These harmful elements can greatly decrease your water quality and deem your home or cottage's drinking water as unsafe. Which means that, unless you want to rely on alternative water treatments (ie. a pitcher filter) or bottled water, you need to install a water purification system as soon as possible.

A POU Water System is a great way to add water purification to your drinking water without having to install a whole-house water purification system. This option is both cheaper, less time consuming and more practical. 

Benefits Of Installing a POU Water Filter?

  • Easy to install 
  • Low (and quick) maintenance 
  • Cost Efficient 
  • Improved Water Taste
  • Improved Water Quality 
  • Eliminate Unwelcome Smells
  • No need for alternative water filters (ie. pitcher filters or a refrigerator filter)


Before You Install A POU Water System

POU Water Systems require a series of water quality conditions to be met prior to its installation. Many of these conditions, however, can be easily met with the addition of other water treatment installations. 

Before Installing a POU Water System, test your:

  • Turbidity Levels 
  • Water Hardness 
  • Iron Levels
  • Magnesium Levels
  • Carbon Levels 
  • Bacteria Levels 


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