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Ductless Air Conditioners

Personalized Comfort For Every Room

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Ductless AC systems are an excellent choice for efficient indoor air cooling. These systems are easy to install and offer personalized comfort for each room in your home!

At GPHE, we understand that each home is unique. What may be a good fit for a brand-new build may not be for a 50-year-old house with multiple additions.

Each home requires a cooling solution designed specifically to fit its unique needs.

That’s why our team works with our clients to ensure the perfect fit!

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Our Ductless Air Conditioner Lines

Offering Single and Multi-Room Systems

At GPHE, we supply both Fujitsu and Samsung ductless products.

Find out which brand and system works best for your home by clicking the links below!


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Samsung ​

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Why Should You Install a Ductless A/C System?

Are you looking for ultimate flexibility, energy efficiency and comfort control? Ductless might be the way to go!

Ductless cooling systems work very similarly to a central air-conditioning system.

The main difference is that a ductless system does not provide whole-home cooling. Instead, it only cools individual rooms.

This form of zone cooling allows a unique form of personalized home comfort!

For example:

While you may want to set a room you rarely use at 16 degrees, you may simultaneously set your main living space at 20.

This allows you to save money on unnecessary cooling and ensure maximum comfort. 

Many homes actually need a ductless A/C system based on their structure.

The best structures for ductless cooling:

  • Home Additions
  • Attics
  • Apartments
  • Basements
  • Garages

Most of these structures transformed into living spaces after their initial build.

This room transformation means it does not connect to the existing whole-home A/C system.

In these cases, the structures now need their own individual cooling solution. And since ductless units are flexible, you can install them anywhere!

This makes them one of the most cost-effective and efficient cooling solutions!

Benefits of a Ductless Cooling:

  • No indoor wiring
  • Zone cooling
  • Easy installation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Space saving
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • No ductwork maintenance


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