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Gas Fireplaces and Equipment - Muskoka 

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A new standard in gas fireplace efficiency & comfort!

At Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating and Electric, we supply our customers with quality gas fireplaces and equipment. Your comfort throughout these cold winter months is our main priority and we strive to provide you with the best heating products and services in the area to keep you warm and toasty all winter long! 

Our Gas Fireplace Line 

Finding the right furnace for you, your family and your home can be a difficult decision. Our Gravenhurst Heating technicians are happy to discuss all of our heating options with you in order to find the best furnace to fit your needs. Browse through each furnace series to find the heating application that best fits your home!

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Benefits Of Gravenhurst’s Heat & Glo Gas Fireplaces

Grand Presence. Excellent Performance.

Providing our clients with fireplaces that add a grand presence to their home and perform excellently is so important to our Gravenhurst Heating team. That’s why we work with Heat & Glo to supply innovative, high performance gas fireplaces! 

Why Are Gas Fireplaces Good For Your Home?

  • Cost Efficient 
  • Innovative 
  • Provide Instant Maximum Heat 
  • Easy To Operate 
  • Minimal Cleaning and Maintenance 
  • Provide Added Value To Your Home 
  • Visually Stunning 

With Heat & Glo Gas Fireplaces, the perfect blend of radiant and convective heat provides efficient, steady warmth for the largest of spaces. Spectacular flames accompany clean, simple design elements that await your interior design inspirations!

Looking to install a gorgeous fireplace in your home this winter? Our Heat & Glo Fireplaces in Gravenhurst, Muskoka are a beautiful heating solution for any room in your home! With a wide range of designs, you can choose the right fireplace for your heating needs and design preferences!

 Our Heat & Glo Products


Heat & Glo® prides itself on leadership in design and innovative technology that give you the ultimate fireside experience. That’s why our Gravenhurst Heating technicians trust them to provide only the best gas fireplace designs for our clients. 


Heat & Glo holds the most patents, honours and awards in the fireplace heating industry. The brand created fire from water, and also developed exclusive technologies like FireBrick® and IntelliFire™ Plus. Heat & Glo is always pushing the envelope with technology for today, and innovation for tomorrow! 

If you’re looking for an innovative and technology savvy fireplace for your Muskoka cottage this winter, Heat & Glo Gas Fireplaces are a great solution!


Bringing families together in a warm, safe and comfortable space is one of our goals at Gravenhurst Heating. What are you looking for in a welcoming living space?

  • An entertaining space. 
  • A relaxing space. 
  • A space to fire up the romance. 

Heat & Glo fires are the focal point of any room. Like a moth to a flame, fire is active and engaging and is sure to draw you in! 


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Interested in learning more about our Heat & Glo Gas Fireplaces at Gravenhurst Heating? Contact our team today and we’d be happy to discuss which heating option would best suit your needs. Schedule your service call today at 1-(705) 687-3402 or fill in the form below for a FREE quote on our gas fireplace heating products and services!

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