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Our Comfort Maintenance Plans

Your HVAC system is a crucial part of your home. Each system plays a vital role in keeping your home comfortable and livable - whether that is your furnace, air conditioner, water heater etc.

But none of these systems can function well without proper care.

If left unchecked, your systems' performance can drastically decline. Leaving you with untimely breakdowns and costly repairs.

That's why we offer homeowners a yearly HVAC Maintenance Plan!

A dependable solution to ensure your equipment runs at peak efficiency and performance - all year round.


What Is An HVAC Maintenance Plan

An HVAC Maintenance Plan is an agreement designed to,

  1. Protect your equipment.
  2. Prevent future repairs and replacements.
  3. Prolong the system’s lifespan.

During each annual visit, we include a thorough cleaning, inspection and tuneup.


Over time, dirt and grime can cause your HVAC equipment to slow down, malfunction or even break down. Our annual cleaning removes this dirt and grime from your system before it can become a bigger issue.


Our yearly equipment inspections involve a thorough analysis of each individual system component.

A simple repair can quickly become a massive expense in the world of HVAC equipment. And the only way to prevent that is to ensure your equipment is always in top condition.


After our inspections, we get to work on tightening, repairing, adjusting, lubricating etc.

Before we leave, each part of your system will run at peak performance and efficiency!


Why Should You Invest In An HVAC Maintenance Plan

  • Regular preventative maintenance helps prevent expensive repairs throughout the year.
  • Having your equipment serviced annually can ensure your system runs at peak efficiency.
  • A system running at peak efficiency can effectively lower your energy bills!
  • A clean HVAC system can improve your indoor air quality.
  • A yearly equipment check will lower the risk of unexpected system breakdowns.
  • Knowing your HVAC is running as it should all year round provides peace of mind.
  • Regular servicing will prolong the lifespan of your HVAC equipment.
  • Our team conveniently schedules your annual visits for you! So your HVAC equipment never gets forgotten or overlooked.


Invest In Guaranteed Home Comfort This Year With a Gravenhurst HVAC Maintenance Plan!

As a homeowner, keeping your home safe, comfortable and protected is one of your top priorities.

And at Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating and Electric, we share that mission!

So instead of waiting till your system breaks down, let’s start proactively caring for it.

Our team ensures your system runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. So you can save more and live more comfortably!

To learn more about our Comfort Maintenance Plans, call our office at 705-687-3402. Or send us a quick email at info@gravenhurstplumbing.com!