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SimpliFireElectric Fireplaces By SimpliFire

Looking for a low-maintenance and cost-effective heating solution? Our Gravenhurst Electric Fireplaces by SimpliFire are a great option!

Each of our electric fireplace models is designed with luxury and simplicity in mind. So you can enjoy the warm glow of a fireplace without the hassle of keeping the fire going!

View Our Selection of Electric Fireplaces

See our stunning selection of electric fireplaces by SimpliFire below!

Linear Fireplaces

Scion Trinity Electric Fireplace

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Scion Electric Fireplace

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Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace

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Allusion Electric Fireplace

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Format Electric Fireplace

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Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

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Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace Inserts

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Benefits Of SimpliFire Electric Fireplaces

Environmentally Friendly

Wood or gas fireplaces use the earth’s natural resources to produce heat. But electric fireplaces use only electricity!

Electric heating produces zero emissions and offers a highly energy-efficient heating solution!


Low Maintenance

Electric fireplaces are specifically known for their low-maintenance nature.

The front glass may need occasional cleaning. And the light bulbs may need changing once in a while. But the electric fireplace itself requires virtually zero maintenance! This makes it a reliable and long-lasting heating solution.


Affordable Installation

The installation costs of a wood-burning or gas fireplace are usually more than you think. After all, there's more than just the fireplace to think about! There's the wall construction, masonry work, chimney, venting, gas lines…etc.

An electric fireplace offers a much simpler installation. In fact, you can usually plug it straight into a normal wall outlet!



Wood-burning fireplaces need constant care and attention. But electric fireplaces offer simplicity and convenience!

Once you set the electric fireplace to your desired temperature, all you have to do next is enjoy the flame!


Year-Round Operation

One of the draws of an electric fireplace is its ability to function with or without heat production.

The primary purpose of a traditional fireplace is to produce heat. But the electric fireplace can create a cosy flame without producing any heat at all!

So you can keep your electric fireplace on, no matter the season!


Complete Customization

The design possibilities of an electric fireplace are limitless!

Do you prefer a traditional fireplace with classic charm and a cosy ambience? Or a more modern approach with a sleek design and a show-stopping finish?

With an electric fireplace, you get to decide!

Chose your specific style, lighting, flame and accessories to create your unique ambience.


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