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Family enjoying fresh air with a Lifebreath HRV unit.

Lifebreath HRV Units

For Effective Home Ventilation All Winter Long!

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Is your indoor air feeling stuffy and stale?

Without adequate air circulating in your home, your indoor air can become dirty, uncomfortable and unhealthy.

So how do you circulate air during winter?

Invest in a Lifebreath Heat Recovery Ventilator system!


Why Choose a Lifebreath HRV?

Lifebreath HRVs bring in fresh air while exhausting an equal amount of stale air. This protects your home from moisture build-up, toxic mold and rot!

Benefits of a Lifebreath HRV System:

  • Efficient Airflow Design
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Maximum Heat Transfer
  • Seasonal Durability
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cleaner Indoor Air Quality
  • Moisture Control

A Lifebreath HRV is also a great way to circulate air during winter!


How Does a LifeBreath HRV Unit Effectively Circulate Air During Winter?

Canadian winters typically have three factors - heavy snow, low temperatures and dry air. The three are pretty much a package deal!

While an airtight home ensures heat doesn’t escape, the downside is poor ventilation.

And the last thing you want to do is open a winter during a frigid winter in Muskoka, Ontario. But how else do you bring in the fresh air?

A Lifebreath HRV!

During the heating season, Lifebreath HRVs replace stale air without removing heat.

As the system removes stale indoor air, it holds the warmth and uses it to heat incoming, fresh air!

This ensures effective and efficient home ventilation - without any heat loss!

Explore our selection of Lifebreath HRV units below!


Lifebreath HRV - Metro Series

View Metro SeriesResidential Heat Recovery Ventilation Metro

The Metro ECM Series are the most compact unit. Their design is specifically made for high-rises, townhomes or other tight spaces.

Proudly HVI certified, the 5-speed adjustable ECM motor uses the exhaust air to precondition incoming air.

This helps save on heating and cooling expenses year-round!

Lifebreath HRV - Max Series

View Max SeriesResidential Heat Recovery Ventilation 155 MAX

MAX Series HRVs are our industry-leading five-speed ventilation units.

The MAX Series is most popular in new and retrofit construction.

Plus, MAX Series products include a digital wall control at no extra charge!

Lifebreath HRV - RNC Series

View RCN SeriesResidential Heat Recovery Ventilation RNC 95

RNC Series HRVs offer the same technology and warranty as MAX! The only difference is that it operates at two-speed.

All RNC products have the same warranty as the MAX series. That includes lifetime coverage on the patented aluminum core.

These units also allow customers to select the wall control of their choice!

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