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Ductless Heating Pumps

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Are you ready to go ductless with your heating this year? At Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating and Electric, our qualified technicians understand that each home, cottage and commercial location has a unique heating solution. Our job is to ease the process of deciding which heating system you should install. 

One of the common heating solutions that we encounter with our Muskoka HVAC clients is a ductless heating system. This system allows for independent heating zones without adding a lot of clutter.


Single Room and Multi Room Ductless Cooling Systems

At Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating and Electric, we supply our clients with both single and multi-room ductless heating systems Not sure which unit will work best for your home’s needs? Learn more about each option by exploring our available products below! 

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Products Supplied by: 



Why Should You Install A Ductless Heating System?

Ductless heating systems operate independently from a central heating system, which means that each room’s temperature can be controlled. This type of system is great for specific homes that require singular room heating - such as that of a garage or single-room apartment. In most cases, ductless heating systems are installed in rooms that have recently been renovated, as the ductwork from the central heating system will not have been previously installed.

Examples of structures that may require ductless heating:

  • Home Additions 
  • Granny Suites 
  • Basement Apartments
  • Garages

Installing a ductless heating system is also one of the easiest heating solutions, as it requires no indoor wiring or duct cleaning!


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Is it time to install a heater in your garage? Have you recently built a granny suite on your home that requires independent heating? Ductless heating could be the perfect solution! 

Contact Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating and Electric today for more information on our ductless split heating options! You can also fill in the form below to request a FREE QUOTE on our cooling services!

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