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Tornado Season Is Here: 5 Ways Your Standby Generator Can Save Your Bacon (Literally!)

Tornado season runs from about the beginning of June to the end of November annually. According to CBC News, as many as 16 storms are predicted during this year’s season.

While Ontario tornados don’t typically arrive so frequently as they do for our neighbors across the border, when they do, these storms can be memorably destructive. And as hurricanes move in from the Atlantic, Ontario tends to suffer the most from strong winds and heavy rainfall, which can lead to power outages and flooding.

Not only are tornadoes and hurricanes dangerous but they can also be expensive! A standby generator can support you through any serious weather event in ways that add up to a lot more savings than simple dollars and cents.

Prevent Perishables from Spoiling

At any given time, many families have hundreds of dollars worth of perishable food stored away in refrigerators and freezers. If you have the capacity to buy in bulk and then freeze what you don’t need for later, this definitely applies to you!

As soon as the power goes out, the clock starts ticking for all of those perishables. One thing many people don’t realize is that your standard homeowner’s insurance policy and even extreme weather riders (such as flood insurance) may not cover spoiled food, especially food stored in the refrigerator.

A standby generator that is set to keep your refrigerator and freezer running during a power outage can save you hundreds of dollars in food as well as the time spent having to dispose of spoiled perishables and clean your refrigerator and freezer after an outage.

Keep Your Home Livable

With our often extreme humidity, tornado season covers the entire summer, often a season of extremes in Ontario, as well as autumn and right up until before winter officially begins.

This means your home can heat up or cool down to uncomfortable temperatures during a storm-related power outage. There are certainly ways to keep cool or stay warm if you have planned ahead for these possible circumstances, but pets, young children and the elderly can be particularly vulnerable to temperature extremes.

A standby generator set to keep your HVAC system running can keep your home comfortably temperate until power is restored.

Safeguard Your Family’s Health

There is a certain satisfaction that arises when a severe storm appears and you have done the work to prepare to ride it out in comfort and safety.

This is particularly vital if anyone in your family relies on any kind of powered health or medical equipment, and also it can be critical if you have a nursing baby in your family who needs warm milk or formula.

A standby generator set to power your essential electronics can safeguard your family’s health and well-being during a storm situation.

Prevent Sump Pump-Related Flooding

If your home has a sump pump, you need to think through how to keep it operational during power interruptions. Otherwise, a costly basement flood could easily result.

There are several options for providing emergency backup power to your sump pump. One of the best is a standby generator, since it can power your sump pump and protect your home and family in other ways as well.

Keep You in Contact With the Outside World

Most Canadians are well-versed in handling the occasional round of inclement weather. But when a more severe storm such as a tornado or hurricane rolls our way, the issues can compound quickly.

For example, even if you have an external battery power pack to recharge your phone, most such packs provide only a handful of charges before they need charging themselves. And if you have more than one family member using your pack, you may be out of power in a day or two.

As today’s weather patterns become less predictable and more severe, it makes sense to give yourself power options capable of keeping you in extended contact with helpful resources and family.

A standby generator can readily provide all the power you need and more to keep all your electronics charged and fully functional until the weather passes.

Keep On Keeping On Until Power Is Restored

The simple pleasures of a warm meal are rarely fully appreciated until that day comes when your only option for dinner is a cold can of beans.

From the ability to cook meals and take showers to being able to keep your security system on and enabled, and turn the lights on to help you find your way around in the dark, a standby generator can make waiting out a weather event so much easier, safer and less stressful.

Choosing Your Standby Generator

Here at Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating & Electric, we are proud to offer the full line of Muskoga Generac standby home generators.

You can choose from five series of standby generators: PowerPact, Synergy, EcoGen, Guardian and Protector. Each series offers a customized product line to meet different types of power needs, including off-grid use!

Get in Touch

It is true that installing a standby generator is an investment up front, but as you can see, in this province, known for its extreme summer humidity and severe storms—whether tornado, hurricane or ice and snow—can pay for itself in full the very first time you need to use it!

One of the best aspects of selecting a standby generator over a portable generator is that the standby generator will instantly sense the power outage—often before you do—and power itself on.

Getting the help of a licensed, knowledgeable contractor can help you select the right-size standby generator. Contact us online or give us a call at 1-877-885-3403 to select your home’s standby generator!

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