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Want to Save Up to 23 Percent on Utility Bills? We’ll Show You How!

ecobee thermostat

The winter season here in Canada brings plenty of fun, from adventurous getaways to snuggles by the fire in a true winter wonderland!

But another thing winter brings that no one looks forward to is higher utility bills. Canada’s notorious winters are chilly indeed and it can take lots of energy to stay warm during this time of year.

If we told you we know a way you can save up to 23 percent on your winter (and summer and year-round) energy bills, would you want to give it a try?

We hope you say YES! In this timely blog post, we share what we have discovered can accomplish a true, measurable reduction to your utilities costs.

How Much Is a 23 Percent Utility Savings Worth?

One recent nationwide energy audit discovered that Toronto-area residents pay more for utilities each month—around $200 per month—than residents in any other city in Canada.

In fact, across Ontario, energy prices are rising faster than they are in our neighboring provinces. On average, increases have been between two and four times what they have been in other areas across the nation.

Let’s say you pay $200 each month for energy costs. Trimming 23 percent leaves you with a monthly bill of $146. By year-end, you could potentially save $552 on your energy bill.

(Not to give too much away, but with savings like these, you will pay off your investment in three months—read on now to learn how!)

What would you do with an extra $552 in your pocket?

Meet the Energy Star-Certified Ecobee3lite!

We have a lot to love about modern technology. Yes, it can sometimes temporarily make our lives a bit more complicated, but once we adapt, it can save us precious time and put money back in our wallets.

This definitely describes the new Alexa- and Echo-enabled Ecobee3lite, which we have recently added to our carefully curated energy efficiency line.

Ecobee3lite is a cutting-edge smart thermostat that works intelligently right out of the box. It is simple to install and will integrate with many other smart home technology systems.

Best of all, the Ecobee3lite is Energy Star-certified, which means it is actually designed to help you trim energy costs seasonally and all year long!

Ecobee3lite + Smart Sensors = Super Savings

We recommend pairing the Ecobee3lite with smart room sensors for the greatest savings and energy efficiency. These smart room sensors continually monitor room occupancy and temperature, and automatically adjust the Ecobee main unit for maximum energy savings.

The neatest aspect of this feature is that, even if you forget to adjust your Ecobee for when you are away for an extended time or on vacation, the sensors will sense that your space is unoccupied and adjust the thermostat accordingly, even overriding your previously set schedule to do so!

Pair up to 32 sensors for maximum energy savings at home or at work. Each sensor comes with a two-year battery and uses low-grade radio frequencies to stay connected to the network (this is a more stable and secure connection option than relying on Bluetooth).

Access On-Demand Away-from-Home and At-Home Energy Control

The Ecobee3lite and smart sensor system integrates with iOS and Android apps on smart devices (including many smart watches) so you can check in and make home or workplace temperature adjustments as needed from anywhere in the world.

The system also offers a “vacation mode” you can use to help control energy costs while you are away from home.

And unlike Wi-Fi-dependent or battery-operated systems, the Ecobee system is hard-wired so it will continue working nonstop to save you money.

Use Free Energy Usage Reports to Make More Money-Saving Adjustments

Every month, your Ecobee system will generate a free energy audit report called Home IQ. This report will tell you how much energy you saved and how your heating and air conditioning units are performing.

You can use these free reports to make further adjustments and trim additional costs from your monthly bill.

Monitor Changing Weather Patterns to Adjust Your Thermostat

The Ecobee3lite system was invented and developed right here in Canada to meet the energy savings needs of Canadians.

Canada definitely has four distinct seasons each year, and two of those seasons—summer and winter—can be pretty extreme. This is especially true when storms roll in and suddenly the temperature outside plunges.

The Ecobee system uses Wi-Fi to monitor the weather outside and calculate the lowest-cost method of keeping your home or workspace comfortable at your desired temperature without overtaxing your HVAC equipment.

For example, let's say you set your "at home" period to begin at a certain time. Your smart Ecobee system sensors will use the daily weather to calculate when to power up your heater or A/C unit to get your home comfy for your arrival!

Your Ecobee system’s job is to run your HVAC equipment as little as possible to keep your space comfortable year-round. The Ecobee system also uses a technique called “fan dissipation” to activate the HVAC blower at the end of every heating or cooling cycle. This ensures you get the most value out of each heating and cooling cycle for the least cost.

Ecobee Integrates With Other Smart Technology Like Switch+

If you have ever had the experience of walking through your brightly lit home one empty room after another, you know the frustration of realizing you are paying for energy you aren’t actually using!

Ecobee’s smart home system can help you effortlessly manage this issue with the Ecobee Switch+. The smart Switch+ will work to keep your lights off in empty rooms.

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