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What is a WaterFurnace & Why Might You Want One?

geothermal house heating and cooling

Geothermal. Heat pump. Energy system. Hydronic.

Every day, it seems that someone is coining a new term to describe the latest heating, cooling and hot water generation technology.

This can be a lot to keep up with, especially when you are shopping around to upgrade your current hot water generation or heating and cooling systems.

For starters, what do all these words and phrases actually mean? More importantly, what can they mean to you as a homeowner or business owner who wants to transition to renewable energy sources and save money on cooling and heating bills long term?

One of the newest and most exciting renewable energy-based HVAC and hot water generation systems on the market is called the WaterFurnace.

In this timely post, we take a look at the newest advances in geothermal heating and hydronic heating offered by the WaterFurnace line of products and explain their key advantages.

What Is Geothermal Energy?

The word “geothermal” in essence means “earth-based heat energy.” This heat is basically solar power already stored away by the earth itself. All day, every day, the soil soaks up the heat generated by the sun, storing it away underground indefinitely.

This is why, regardless of what may be going on with seasonal weather patterns above ground, the temperature below the soil surface typically stays between 12°C and 21°C (55°F and 70°F) all year long!

Geothermal-based heating, cooling and hot water appliances tap into and harness this stored heat energy—a naturally renewable and sustainable energy source—to provide for your hot water, heating and air conditioning needs all year long.

They do this by means of hydronic systems called loops, which is where things can start to get a little confusing.

What Does Hydronic Mean?

The term “hydronic” essentially means “circulated water.” This circulating water can be in the form of liquid water (hot or cool) or vapour (steam).

Geothermal systems take the help of circulating water to move the earth’s stored heat around as needed for heating, cooling and hot water generation.

How Does Geothermal Energy Work?

A geothermal system can be configured in a number of ways to harness and relocate stored energy from the earth and/or water source (pond, lake, well, etc.).

A hydronic loop system is the method of choice for accomplishing this goal. Here, the word “loop” refers to a network of pipes that circulates water to collect and move heat energy into and out of your space as desired for heating and cooling as well as hot water generation.

There are two types of loop systems: loops installed in the ground itself and loops installed in the ground that also access a nearby water source such as a pond or well.

Ground loop systems can be installed horizontally or vertically depending on available space. Open or closed water-based energy collection loops can also be installed where a plentiful water source is available.

What Is a WaterFurnace?

Here at Gravenhurst, we proudly carry the WaterFurnace geothermal systems.

A WaterFurnace is a specific type of geothermal-based HVAC (and, optionally, hot water) system that can provide cooling in summer and heating in winter.

These Energy Star-certified systems can save you up to 70 percent on your annual hot water, heating and cooling bills just by using the heat energy stored in your yard and/or nearby water sources!

All WaterFurnace geothermal and hydronic systems also offer Wi-Fi-enabled, cloud-based smart device management (at home and remotely) plus a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

3 Series

These economical, streamlined heating, cooling and hot water systems are assembled in WaterFurnace’s own EPA- and Energy Star-certified laboratory.

5 Series

The ultra-quiet 5 Series is designed to provide forced air heating and air condition while also supplementing your hot water needs using renewable energy.

7 Series

The 7 Series is WaterFurnace’s flagship model, providing quiet, efficient heating, cooling and hot water generation using the very latest in geothermal technology.

NSW Series

This hydronic heat pump system is specifically designed to meet your hot water needs in high-demand situations.

Synergy 3D

This innovative full-service system offers heating, cooling and hot water generation to run a radiant floor heat system. Essentially, the Synergy 3D combines a boiler, air conditioner and furnace all in one unit.

Projected Annual Energy Cost Savings from Switching to Geothermal Energy

It is no secret that we Ontarians pay more to heat and cool our homes and workplaces than Canadians living in most other provinces.

According to the Financial Accountability Office of Ontario, the average annual energy expense for homeowners in Ontario is $2,358.

You just learned that WaterFurnace geothermal hot water, heating and cooling systems can trim up to 70 percent off your annual energy bills. This represents an estimated average annual savings of $1,650, bringing your annual energy bill down to $707.

With savings like these, you would be among the few paying less for heating, cooling and hot water than Canadians in every other province in the nation!

Don’t Have Room for Geothermal Loops? No Problem!

Not every homeowner or business owner has sufficient outside space to install a true geothermal system like the WaterFurnace systems.

But this doesn’t mean you have to forego the many benefits of upgrading to a renewable energy-based heating and air conditioning system.

Air source heat pumps offer the same basic technology with none of the space concerns.

Instead of harnessing and transferring heat stored in the ground, our Fujitsu and Frigidaire air-source heat pumps use heat in the air to accomplish the same goal, providing more economical, eco-friendly heating and cooling for your home or workplace.

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