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Why Not All Toilets Are Created Equally - And How to Choose Yours!

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The toilet is not a glamorous unit. No one really likes to think about their toilet. But when it isn’t working right, you sure do notice!

What you really want is a quiet, efficient, reliable toilet that does what it is supposed to do with the first flush.

And while today’s toilets are getting fancier, sometimes all the extras can actually take away from the toilet’s primary purpose and function.

Here at Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating and Electric, we can’t argue that going toilet shopping is not the most fun you will ever have. But we can help you make sure that the toilet you end up choosing will be reliable, long-lasting, efficient and effective at its primary job description!

In this post, we highlight what to look for in a toilet as well as some “fancy” features you may want to avoid!

4 Features You Really Want in a New Toilet

The features you want in a new toilet are not fancy, even though the fancy ads you read for newer “smart” toilets might tell you otherwise.

Fits into your available space

There is nothing like taking all that time to do your research and choosing the perfect new toilet only to get it home and discover it is too big for the space you have available!

Taking careful measurements—height, width, depth—is essential to ensure your new toilet will be easy to install, use and clean.

Safe and comfy to sit on

You are only going to use your toilet for one thing, and that one thing requires sitting on it. So you want it to be a good fit for you! Don’t concern yourself too much with the stock seat, because that is something you can change out if you prefer.

What is more important is the shape of the toilet bowl. The two most common shapes are oval and round. Oval tends to be comfier, but round is better at saving space.

You also want the toilet to be the right height so you can easily sit and stand (this is especially important if you have elderly family members). A 14- to 15-inch toilet height is standard. A 16.5-inch height is ADA-compliant.

Flushes fully the first time

Today, unlike in decades past, it is possible to buy a toilet that both flushes well and conserves water.

However, if you have to choose, opt for a good all-purpose power flusher. Being able to flush all waste cleanly out of the bowl with a single flush can end up conserving more water than having to flush more than once after you go.

The best way to evaluate a new toilet is to look for the flush rating. The higher the toilet’s flush rating, the more powerful its flush will be!

Easy to clean

Toilets today come in three basic designs: standard two-part floor model, seamless floor model and wall-mount.

The two-part floor model is typically both the most economical and the most challenging to clean, since it has more cracks and crevices where dust and debris can hide. The seamless floor model is easier to clean but tends to be pricier.

The wall-mount model hides the tank behind the wall, which can make it more complex to install. However, it is faster and easier to clean and certainly takes up less space.

4 Toilet Extras You Can Probably Do Without

While we appreciate those extra luxurious touches as much as anyone, there are some “extras” that may actually detract from your toilet’s essential functions, not to mention driving up the price for a sub-par toilet!

Here are some features that can make you wish you had picked a different toilet:

Extra power

Extra power can be nice, but sometimes it comes with a side of unwelcome extra noise.

For example, when it comes to flushing, certain pressure-assisted toilet models have been likened to jets rolling down the runway—not the sound you want to hear in the middle of the night when a family member needs to go!

Read the fine print carefully or, better yet, do your own demo before deciding whether you can handle the noise of the flush.

Lightweight seat

While this can feel mighty nice when you go to lift the lid, just wait until it comes time to close it again—SLAM! Today’s lightweight lids are sometimes called “guillotine lids” for a reason, especially when younger family members get their little fingers caught under a quick-closing lid.

Look for a toilet with a spring-loaded slow-dropping seat feature instead.

Non-standard colors, shapes or parts

It can be super-cool to choose a new toilet that matches your newly renovated bathroom décor. But what will happen if you decide to change to a new color scheme or you go to try to sell your house?

The same holds true for non-standard toilet shapes or sizes, because these run the risk of being phased out, which will make it challenging to find repair and replacement parts in the future.

Water hog

Finally, steer clear of “bargain” or “budget” or “economy” toilets that may look good to your wallet but are very bad for your water bill (and the planet’s water supplies).

Toilets We Recommend

Here at Gravenhurst, we carry a very carefully curated line of toilet brands that meet our clients’ needs for eco-friendly, efficient, economical, easy-to-clean and flexible bathroom solutions.

We carry three brands: TOTO/Entrada, Gerber and Liberty. Our toilets meet specialized needs, including ADA-compliant, sweat-free, pressure-assisted, wall-mount, one/two-part design and low-flow.

Get in Touch

Contact us online or give us a call at 1-877-885-3403 for help choosing the new toilet that is perfect for your space, budget and needs.

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