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Worried About Extreme Weather? Our Stand-by Generators Have Your Back!

Generac standby generator

It is no secret the hot season here in Canada can bring extreme weather patterns. Every year, our weather seems to get more unpredictable, with unexpected power outages that can damage components like appliances and electronics.

Worse, power outages can shut down necessary medical device support, destroy cold food stores, interrupt work flow and cause chronic health problems.

In this post, learn what our sturdy, trustworthy line of Muskoka Generac stand-by generators can offer you to save money, safeguard your valuables and protect your family’s health.

What Can a Home Backup Generator Do?

These days, major appliances are a far cry from those of past decades. Today’s home backup generator, for example, can automatically sense when a power outage occurs.

This then triggers the generator to power on. The moment power is restored to your home, the generator will sense this, too, and shut itself off!

One question many customers have is what a generator will support during a power outage. What your personal home standby generator supports is based entirely on how you configure the generator and your power needs.

For example, some people want power support only for major appliances, medical equipment and essential services such as home security. Other people want full power throughout their home.

With the Generac line of home standby generators, this choice is up to you.

You Can Choose Your Generator Power Source

In the past, the majority of backup home generators required diesel fuel to work. But today, you can also use propane fuel or natural gas as two cleaner, more eco-friendly fuel options.

Not only can propane and natural gas be readily and safely stored at your location for years at a time, but each fuel choice also burns cleaner with fewer by-products than traditional diesel.

Today’s generators can work equally well for traditionally powered home sites and off-grid spaces that rely on wind, solar, geothermal and other newer options.

Extra Generator Features You Will Love

The home standby generators of today also possess a wealth of additional options that homeowners appreciate when there is a power outage.

Quiet operation

If you have ever had the displeasure of standing next to an old-school generator as it chugs and rumbles and sends your pets running, you know how important it is to find a generator that can operate quietly.

Neighbors will love you for it, your ears will thank you for it and, best of all, you can run it for hours or days at a time without feeling like you will lose your sanity for the sake of having cell phone service.

Remote operations

Often, the roads clear before the power is restored, which means you can at least get out and run errands and do what you need to do.

But many homeowners are wisely reluctant to leave a generator unattended and do not prefer to have their home without power while they are away. This is a real catch-22 – unless you have a way to monitor your generator remotely.

You can now link the Generac monitoring app to your phone, tablet or laptop to keep tabs on your generator’s performance and operation while you are away from home.

Just 5 percent harmonic distortion

You may have been following along quite easily until now. But wait – harmonic distortion? What does that have to do with generator operation?

When you want to power delicate or sensitive electronic devices such as home security systems, smart phones or tablets, gaming systems and similar others, you want a home standby generator with the lowest possible harmonic distortion.

Generac's low distortion current protects your electronics from harm while your generator runs.

As a side perk, generators with lower harmonic distortion also cost less to run!

Variable speed

Another high-value add-on today’s home standby generators can offer is variable speed operation. What this means is that your generator will adjust its output automatically based on the power demands of your home operations.

This helps control your energy bill and ensures your generator will have the longest possible useful life.

Generator Rental Versus Purchase: Which Works Best for You?

While the benefits of having your own home standby generator on-site are undeniable, not all homeowners are ready to make this permanent investment.

As well, if you are renting the property where you live or you tend to move residences more frequently, you may feel hesitant to purchase and install a standby generator outright.

Happily, there is another option to ensure you have the emergency backup power you need without making the long-term commitment you aren’t ready for. You can rent a home standby generator instead.

We offer very affordable rental contracts for HVAC equipment and standby generator systems. Our rental agreement is simple and straightforward: basically, for every $1,000 in equipment value, you pay approximately $15 per month in rental fees.

We also offer a handy rent-to-own option for longer-term equipment leases that you may find is much more flexible for your current home situation.

Best of all, since we are a licensed HVAC and generator installation, inspection and maintenance company, you know you will be getting first-class service for your new rental or rent-to-own standby generator.

Schedule Your FREE In-Home Assessment

For most homeowners, the first step toward selecting a new rental, rent-to-own or purchase standby home generator is to schedule your free, no-obligation assessment.

During this assessment, one of our prompt, polite and knowledgeable service technicians will meet you at your home to do a walk-through, assess your potential energy needs during a future power outage and talk about the best options to meet those needs.

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