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How To Boost Your Home Water Filtration and Purification During The Pandemic - 2021

Gravenhurst Plumbing provides valuable knowledge on protecting your home's water quality during COVID-19.

How To Boost Your Home Water Filtration and Purification During The Pandemic - 2021

Isn't it amazing to look back to a full year ago this month? We had no idea what was coming.

We didn't know we were about to embark upon a year-long odyssey of epic proportions - with massive global lockdowns, a race to develop new vaccines and a worldwide shift to a new way of working and living.

But here we are. We are still learning, still evolving and still fighting this virus.

Our overall health has become more and more of a prominent focus during this time as well. Many homeowners are worried, not only about their indoor air quality, but also about their home’s water quality. Although there is no evidence speaking to water purification playing a role in the protection against COVID-19, the health of your water is still vital. 

With good water quality comes a stronger immune system that can help fight off other viral threats!

At Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating and Electric, our main focuses this spring are water filtration and water purification, which is our timely topic for this blog post!


Water Quality Is Important in the Fight Against COVID-19

Not only is Ontario implementing a new wastewater testing protocol* to detect new COVID-19 outbreaks earlier and more effectively, but researchers continue to study how COVID-19 itself is transmitted and contracted.

At the very least, drinking and using cleaner water will bolster our immune response against other known waterborne toxins and infectious agents that could impair our ability to fight against COVID-19.


Water Filtration Versus Water Purification

If there is one fact that has become crystal clear over the recent pandemic year, it is this: the words "filtration" and "purification" are used interchangeably far too often.

These two words do not mean the same thing!

Water filtration and water purification are terms that refer to two different types of water cleaning technologies. It is very important to understand the differences so that you can select the system that addresses your particular water quality concerns.

Water Filtration

When you see the word "filtration", you should train yourself to automatically think of "solids."

In other words, a filter is a method of restraining solid matter from passing through.

The simplest example is your HVAC air filter. It has one job. Its job is to keep dust, dirt and other types of particulate matter from getting inside your HVAC units and clogging the motor, thus causing fires.

Water filters work in a similar way, but instead of filtering out airborne solid particles, water filters trap and restrain waterborne solids.

Water Purification

When you see the word "purification", you should train yourself to automatically think of "liquids" or "gases."

The most effective and powerful purifier we have is ultraviolet light from our planet's sun.

Ultraviolet light, or light radiation, can change the molecular structure of liquids or gases. This is useful when the liquid or gaseous matter contains toxins or harmful bacterial, fungal or viral matter.

Of the three ultraviolet light bands the sun produces, UV-C is the most powerful and the only one that our ozone layer cannot filter out.

Modern ultraviolet purification technology has synthesized UV-C in a short-wave form that is concentrated and effective for neutralizing liquid and gaseous toxins.


Why Would You Need Both Water Filtration and Water Purification?

At this point, you might legitimately be wondering why you can't pick either water filtration or water purification. Surely one would be enough!

Here is why a single system is not currently regarded to be completely effective at protecting your water quality:

We now know that SARS-CoV-2 spreads both by physical contact and airborne transmission. We also know that, unlike what researchers previously though, airborne is the primary means of transmission.

Thanks to evaporation, the initially large COVID-19 droplets quickly reduce in size. When a smaller droplet lands atop a piece of airborne dust or debris, it can hitch a ride much longer distances.

The new Ontario COVID-19 wastewater testing program hypothesizes that these droplets act similarly in a waterborne setting as they do in an airborne setting.

This is why you cannot rely on either water filtration or water purification on its own to completely protect you from contact with infectious droplets.

This is especially the case when you rely on a shared water source, such as city water or lake water.

Even when you have your own personal well water supply, however, you receive added protection from the ability to filter out solids, liquids and gases from your drinking water.


Our Gravenhurst Water Filtration and Water Purification Systems

The last year has brought many changes into our personal and professional lives.

We spend many hours on the phone each week with longtime and new customers who are, understandably, overwhelmed with simply navigating the ins and outs of a remote workforce, homeschooling and social distancing, let alone choosing a water system!

We want to make it easier for you to identify and select the water quality system that will meet your needs and budget with a minimal research and time.

These five systems will effectively remove harmful solids, liquids and/or gaseous matter from your water supply.

1. Aclarus Ozone All Natural Water Purification System.

This ozone-based system provides disinfection, oxidation and aesthetic improvement to any water source.

2. Viqua IHS Whole Home UV Water Treatment System.I’m 

Combat bacteria, lead, chlorine and overall turbidity with a professional grade system that can handle the heaviest water use demands.

3.Ultraviolet Water Purification.

Destroys 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria, viruses and microorganisms with the power of UV-C light.

4. NOVO Water Conditioning System.

Neutralize bacteria, harmful minerals and chemicals with professional grade water conditioning.

5. Point-of-use (POU) Water System.

Chemicals, bacteria, chlorine, sediment and cysts are no match for POU filtration.


Concerned About Your Home’s Water Quality? Our Muskoka Gravenhurst Technicians Can Help

We may not yet have the means to eradicate COVID-19, but we sure do have the technology to create safe and clean water for you to drink and use.

Contact us online or give us a call at 877-885-3403 for a free estimate on the water quality system that is right for you. Safe, contactless estimates are now available.


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* http://plumbingandhvac.ca/ontario-invests-in-wastewater-testing-system-to-detect-covid-19/


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