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Is It Smart to Invest in a Furnace Maintenance Plan This Winter?

Gravenhurst Furnace Maintenance Plan

Is It Smart to Invest in a Furnace Maintenance Plan This Winter?

No heat calls are potentially one of the worst calls you can make.


Because it’s more than a cold house you have to worry about! 

It’s your floors, plumbing, walls and appliances too. Not to mention your family and their health.

Without heat, your entire home becomes vulnerable! 

And while calling for emergency services is an option, it’s not the ideal solution. 

If you wait until then, you might have hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in repairs to think about! 

To avoid making a no-heat call this winter, invest in a Furnace Maintenance Plan.

This plan ensures you’re never left in the cold and that your furnace always operates efficiently!

Keep reading to learn more about our maintenance plan options!


What is Furnace Maintenance Plan?

Your furnace should be durable, long-lasting and 100% reliable. 

But, like any other piece of equipment in your home, it needs proper maintenance to be all those things. 

That’s where a Furnace Maintenance Plan comes in! 

These annual plans ensure your heating system is ready to operate at peak efficiency 24/7. 

Our maintenance plans include a yearly tune-up, typically scheduled in early fall. During this tune-up, our team will clean, repair and optimize your system for the year ahead!

And while there are many perks to this plan, one of the best is that we book the appointment on your behalf. 

Our team ensures your tune-up is complete before temperatures drop. So you can rely on your system to power up when you need it most! 


Why Is a Furnace Maintenance Plan Important?

There are tons of reasons why our team believes a Furnace Maintenance Plan to be so important. But because we don’t have all day to go over them, we’ve narrowed the list down a bit! 

Below are 4 top reasons why investing in this plan over the months is so important:


Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are one of the first things that come to mind when a homeowner wakes up with no heat. After all, the logical solution to help warm up is a nice hot shower! But without heat, your pipes are typically the next thing to go. 

No hot water for you! Or any water, for that matter. 

Our plumbing team gets quite a few frozen pipe calls over the winter. From homeowners and cottage-goers alike! 

It's why we’ve shared so many articles about the dangers of frozen pipes and how to prevent them. 

We’ve explored how to insulate, seal and calk your plumbing and home to keep cold from seeping in. 

We’ve also shared our tried and true frozen pipe protection. This gear safeguards your pipes all winter long - even in frigid temps!

These are all great solutions for improved heating insulation and unexpected heat loss from a power outage. 

But what if you’re left in the lurch with unprotected plumbing because your furnace just gave out? 

A furnace failure or breakdown is typically as unexpected as power loss but way more costly! And the repercussions of it are extensive. 

Investing in a Furnace Maintenance Plan means you’re never caught off guard! 


Rust, Mildew and Mould 

A lack of heat can mess with the humidity levels in your home like crazy! 

As we all know, Canadian winters are highly unpredictable. Temperatures fluctuate all the time - especially early in the season (like right now). You can learn about the dangers of too little humidity here!

Without your furnace's reliable temperature and humidity control, moisture can damage your home. From a rusted wood stove to mouldy walls!

A Furnace Maintenance Plan prevents these costly moisture damages from developing.


Damaged Flooring

Another problem caused by temperature and humidity fluctuations involves hardwood flooring.

Unstable heating and moisture control can cause your floors to

  • Warp, 
  • Buckle,
  • Twist and 
  • Bubble. 

All of which can lead to a costly new flooring installation! 


Damaged Materials and Products

Many other materials and products can become damaged when there’s no heat in the home as well. We’ve listed some of the most vulnerable below!

Materials damaged by a lack of heat include:

  • Paints 
  • Glues
  • Finishes
  • Drywall compound 
  • Latex products 
  • Water-based products

Products damaged by a lack of heat include:

  • Food containers 
  • Loose Carpets 
  • Curtains 
  • Furniture 

When you sign up for a Furnace Maintenance Plan, you’re protecting more than just your home comfort. You’re also safeguarding everything you’ve invested into your home!


What Are The Benefits of a Preventative Furnace Maintenance Plan?

Lower Heating Bills 

Inefficiency = high heating bills. 

A Furnace Maintenance Plan helps keep your heating bills from skyrocketing! During our annual visit, we ensure your system runs optimally. So you can ensure affordable home heating all winter long. 


Longer Equipment Lifespan 

It’s a well-known fact that taking proper care of your belongings helps them last longer. And the same goes for your heating equipment! 

With a care plan, our heating technicians ensure your furnace is always in top condition. 


Part Discounts 

When you sign up for a maintenance plan, you automatically become a GPHE-preferred customer.

This means you’re eligible for discounted prices on parts and repairs!


Priority Service

Another perk of becoming a GPHE preferred customer is that you become our top priority. In the case of an emergency furnace service, you automatically move to the top of our list!



Everyone loves a good DIY project. But trying to fix your HVAC system in the middle of the winter is not a good idea. And with your entire family depending on you to bring the heat back on? That’s a lot of pressure!

With a Furnace Maintenance Plan, we take care of everything for you! That includes cleaning, filter changes, repairs, efficiency testing etc. 


Optimized Heating Performance 

Broken furnace parts can lead to the rest of your system working overtime. This can raise your heating bills and lower your overall heating performance.

With a regular, annual tune-up, you can count on us to ensure optimal heating performance!


Reduced Risk of Breakdown or Failure 

Those unexpected no-heat calls and costly repair bills always seem to come at the worst possible time.

We’ve actually had a few unfortunate phone calls from our local snowbirds over the years. Many have come home to a furnace that failed a month prior - leaving their home without heat for far too long. 

While there are many ways to lower the risks in that situation, our top recommendation is to ensure you’ve had your furnace checked BEFORE you leave. 

That way, your furnace technician can take care of simple repairs before they cause massive damage to the rest of your home while you’re away.


24/7 Comfort 

And finally...

While comfort isn’t everything, it is a large part of what we do here at GPHE.

Our goal is always to keep our customers as comfortable as possible! In their homes, cottages or business locations. And with a Furnace Maintenance Plan, we can help guarantee 24/7 comfort all season long!


Customize Your Gravenhurst Furnace Maintenance Plan To Fit Your Needs

Contact our team today to learn more about our maintenance packages! 

We service all makes and models of heating equipment. And our team is always happy to customize your plan to fit your unique needs. 

Call us today at +1 705-687-3402 or message us online!

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