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Stress Free HVAC Service Now Available With Our Concierge Maintenance Plans

Gravenhurst Heating Maintenance Plans

Stress Free HVAC Service Now Available With Our Concierge Maintenance Plans

This has been a very stressful year, hasn't it?

Every day, all across Ontario, we have woken up not knowing what the day's news headlines might bring.

Good news? Not so good news? Sometimes downright bad news.

Things are slowly and surely looking up and opening back up though. It feels both exciting and reassuring to think that, one day not long from now, we will have our lives back to normal.

And when that day comes, we will be stronger. Braver. Healthier. More resilient.

This winter, we want that to include your HVAC system too! The last thing any of us need is to move into the notoriously difficult winter season with a clanging, banging, sighing, wheezing furnace by our side.

It is time to dial down your stress and amp up our customer service at Gravenhurst Heating, Plumbing & Electric! This winter we are offering our concierge HVAC maintenance plans for your comfort and convenience. 


5 Most Common Winter Furnace Problems

Winter this year is going to be unlike any other in our lifetime. For the first time ever, we will be fighting back against the cold and flu season as well as the COVID-19 virus.

This is not the winter to let your stress pile up!

With every little sigh and knock and quiver (not to mention that scary "burning smell") your furnace emits, your blood pressure shoots up and your immune system has to work harder.

By taking advantage of our economical pre-winter concierge preventative maintenance for your heating system, you ensure your family stays comfortable in a low-stress environment this winter. Contact our heating specialists at Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating & Electric for more information on our heating maintenance plans. 

1. Frozen Coils And Pipes

Did you know that plumbing pipes aren't the only pipes that can freeze? Evaporator and condenser coils can also freeze over and stop working, causing an untimely furnace outage.

If you have a hot water heater or steam radiator that handles a portion of your winter heating needs, these appliances are also particularly vulnerable to freezing over.

Timely preventative heating maintenance can identify and address vulnerable pipes and coils to ensure that you won't face this type of stressful and expensive fix this winter. Contact our qualified team of furnace technicians at Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating & Electric to schedule your heating maintenance appointment before the winter hits!

2. Thermostat Breaks Down

If your furnace is the brawn of heating your home or workplace, then your thermostat is the brains.

If the brains aren't working, the brawn gets the day off.

Thermostats can fail for all kinds of reasons, ranging from complexities with corroded wiring to a simple expired battery.

Since you look to the thermostat to control both your costs and your comfort however, you won't necessarily know that that is where the problem lies.

When a thermostat fails, it will need to be repaired and then recalibrated to ensure accurate temperature control.

A simple preventative maintenance check can ensure the thermostat is in good working order, with a fresh battery (if applicable) and accurately calibrated to deliver efficient, affordable heat this winter. Does your thermostat need an immediate maintenance check? Contact our HVAC technicians today!

3. Pilot Light Issues

The pilot light is arguably the most temperamental and scariest part of your furnace system. A malfunctioning, poorly calibrated or failing pilot light is a recipe for anything from carbon monoxide poisoning to a home or workplace fire.

In other words, you really, really, really don't want pilot light problems this winter.

You want your pilot light burning with a clean, blue flame that tells you all is well and operating safely to keep you and your family or workers warm this winter.

4. Cracked Heat Exchanger

Speaking of carbon monoxide poisoning, it is the heat exchanger that poses the greatest risk in regards to this particular home or office heating hazard.

The heat exchanger can rust or overheat to the point where it actually begins to crack. When the heat exchanger starts to crack, this is what allows off-gassing and carbon monoxide inside your home or office space.

Because carbon monoxide is odourless and colourless, the one and only way to detect a leak is to install a carbon monoxide detector.

So what causes a heat exchanger to overheat to the point of cracking? Simply put, it is inadequate airflow.

The number one cause of inadequate airflow is a clogged air filter. Which brings us to the fifth ,and by far the most common, cause of winter heating outages here in Ontario.

5. Clogged, Dirty Air Filter

It can be hard to grasp that a simple air filter can cause so much trouble for the average residential or commercial furnace, but the air filter is essentially the lungs of your furnace. When the lungs get clogged, the components of your furnace cannot "breathe".

An overheating blower motor or air exchanger is not the only side effect of clogged furnace lungs, although these two are the most serious issues and cause the majority of furnace-related home heating fires each winter.

With our concierge pre-winter preventative maintenance service, you can welcome the winter season knowing both you and your furnace will be able to breathe easy.


Enroll In Affordable HVAC Concierge Service in Gravenhurst, Ontario

Our affordable annual plans at Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating & Electric provide you with complete white glove concierge HVAC maintenance service, complete with contact-less service, invoicing and payment options.

Our friendly, prompt, knowledgeable, factory-trained service technicians can service all makes and models of heating systems.

In addition to heating, furnace and air conditioning, we also offer our concierge preventative maintenance plans to handle your plumbing, water systems, UV water purification, electrical, cooling and indoor air quality needs.

Our plans save you money, for sure, but they also save you peace of mind - and that is priceless!


Get in Touch With Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating & Electric in Ontario

Are you ready to welcome yet another Canadian winter with an expertly calibrated, efficient, affordable heating system that is safe for your family or workers? We can help!

Contact our qualified technicians online or give us a call at 877-885-3403.

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