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Why This Is the Year for a Professional Seasonal Cottage Opening

Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating and Electric offers professional Cottage Opening Services to get your vacation home ready for summer!

Why This Is the Year for a Professional Seasonal Cottage Opening

Seasonal cottage life has been on what feels like a permanent pause since the global pandemic began.

We have heard from many seasonal cottage owners who haven't even laid eyes on their property in over a year!

Are you worried about what you might find when you trek up to your seasonal cottage for the first time this spring? After such an extended absence like what we had last year, you are smart to not assume your cottage will be simple to reopen this spring.

Even if you have never had a professional seasonal cottage opening before, this is definitely the year to consider making the investment.

  1. Prepare in Advance for Plumbing or Septic Problems

Cottage plumbing is by far the most daunting and complicated aspect of reopening any seasonal property.

This is because you need to do each step in the right order, from inspecting the water lines to replacing the water filter to reopening each tap to priming the water pump to restoring power to the hot water heater, in order to avoid causing additional problems.

With an extended time away from a seasonal property like what we all experienced over the last year, it is even more critical to examine your entire plumbing system for any signs of leaks, corrosion, burst pipes or sump pump system failure.

Septic system issues can be equally challenging to address, especially if you have arrived at your cottage expecting to stay for the weekend or longer.

After such an extended absence, it is advisable to consider having your septic system pumped before starting to use it again.

  1. Power Up Your Utilities a Week Ahead

Before you even leave to visit your cottage for the first time, you will want to contact your utilities providers to reinstate water, power and other services.

Your water, electricity and natural gas providers may need a few days' notice to restore power to your seasonal cottage or cabin, so don't leave this to the last minute.

The same holds true for seasonal security monitoring services, phone, internet and subscription television services.

  1. Bring the Right Supplies to Clean and Make Minor Repairs

Winter can be hard on seasonal cottages and cabins.

Shattered security lights, burned out lightbulbs and smoke alarm batteries, dead flashlights and other minor repairs can be handled quickly and easily, as long as you have the right supplies on hand when you arrive.

You can also absolutely expect to lose at least your first night of sleep to allergies if you don't arrive prepared to give your cabin or cottage a good dusting and cleaning. Don’t forget to bring a broom, dustpan and mop along with cleaning spray and rags or towels to wipe away the dust!

  1.  Organize Your Insurance BEFORE you leave for the summer!

Too many seasonal cottage owners forget to notify their insurance company that they are reopening a secondary residence or seasonal property.

You definitely want to do this before you arrive for the first time at your seasonal cottage and discover you need to file a claim!

The same holds true for any seasonal vehicle or recreational vehicle insurance policies you may hold. If you are planning to take a vehicle or boat out of storage for the summer, be sure to order new tags and change the status with your insurer.

Remember that insects, or even small animals, may have created winter nests inside your seasonal vehicles, causing damage to wiring, exhaust pipes and other critical areas.

Be sure to schedule a safety inspection and routine preventative maintenance before using your seasonal vehicles for the first time.


Cottage HVAC Is Not Optional

Over the last year, we have seen some of the most extreme temperatures in Canadian history. Even if you have never used air conditioning before at your seasonal cottage, this may be the year you will need to start!

Did you know that you don't need ductwork to add air conditioning to your seasonal residence? Ductless air conditioners and mini-splits make it easy to cool and clean your indoor air all summer long.

Every spring, dirty and poorly maintained seasonal HVAC systems cause home and cottage fires when the accumulation of dust and debris ignites.

From dirty air filters to leaking drain pipes, frayed power cords to rusted pilot lights, preventative HVAC maintenance catches small issues before they become big outages.

Scheduling your preventative heating and cooling maintenance service and safety inspection keeps you safe and also helps to control energy bills.


Consider Adding a Backup Generator to Your Seasonal Cottage

Last year taught us the value of being prepared for the extreme unexpected. After all, none of us expected to be quarantined inside our homes for the majority of an entire year!

This uncertainty has spiked demand for home and seasonal cottage backup generators. While it feels like life is somewhat getting back to normal, we simply cannot predict what lies ahead.

Installing a backup generator gives you the peace of mind that your cottage investment will be protected.

Backup generators, like seasonal properties, come in all shapes and sizes to suit different needs and budgets.

The simplest systems power essentials like the sump pump and security system. More sophisticated backup generators can provide emergency power to maintain life as usual until regular power sources are restored.


Cottage Openings Done Right - Contact Our Muskoka, Gravenhurst Cottage Experts

Our experienced professional technicians can reopen your seasonal home, do preventative maintenance and safety inspections, make the necessary repairs and put everything in order before your arrival!

With our concierge cottage opening service, all you have to do when you arrive is walk inside and make yourself at home!

Contact us online or give us a call at 877-885-3403 to learn more about our customized professional seasonal cottage opening service.

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