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2020 Summer Promotions


FREE 2414 Second Wind Air Purifier With EVERY Premium Brand A/C Installation!

            2414 Second Wind Air Purifier

And so the humid summer days are here again, bringing with them the need for a new Air Conditioner installation! Gravenhurst Heating, Plumbing and Electric is on call and ready to return your indoor air temperature back to a comfortable level!

With every premium brand A/C installation, we are offering a free Second Wind Air Purifier to ensure that the air you're breathing in is pure. With the average person spending at least 90% of their time indoors, it is imperative that this oxygen isn't linked to dangerous pollutants! With the onset of COVID-19, it is important to also ensure that any airborne toxins are effectively removed - this includes particles that can cause an allergic reaction, asthma attacks, sickness or even immune system failure! 

The Second Wind UV System will not only improve your indoor air quality and reduce infection diseases, but it will also significantly decrease odour! At low cost operation, this chemical free disinfection process is the necessary component in improving your indoor air quality this summer! On top of this, we are also offering an upgrade to the 2414-Premium model for only $100 more! 

2414 Premium Second Wind Air Purifier

This is a limited time offer and the summer heat has already arrived - bringing with it those nasty pollutants! It's time to get your new A/C and Air Purification system installed today!


Please Note: This offer is only valid on applicable products/brands and for a limited time.

* If you are interested in further odour elimination and air purification, we are also offering the Second Wind 2000 model, however this product is not included within the Summer 2020 promotions.


Take Advantage of This 2020 Summer Deal Today!

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