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Geothermal for Efficient and Comfortable homes in Muskoka, Simcoe and Parry Sound

Efficient & Renewable Comfort

If your home’s comfort and efficiency are on your mind, look to Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating & Electric  for a geothermal comfort system that meets your heating and cooling needs today and far into the future.

Geothermal systems can be installed in a variety of homes – new or old, large or small, in warm climates or cold.  To learn how a geothermal system will improve your home’s efficiency.

Geothermal is Perfect for many Muskoka and Simcoe Homes and Cottages

A geothermal heat pump (GHP) taps into the renewable solar energy stored in the ground to provide savings up to 70% on bills. Using a series of underground pipes, it exchanges heat with the earth instead of outdoor air. While air temperatures can vary greatly from day to night or winter to summer, the temperature just a few feet below the earth’s surface stays an average 55°-70° F year-round.

This means that whether you have a cottage in Rosseau or a home in Bracebridge you can heat it all winter and keep it cool in the summer for less money and be more environmentally responsible. In fact, a geothermal system can turn one unit of electrical energy into an incredible three to four units of heat energy. Not to mention that geothermal systems can be amazingly quiet to keep your home peaceful and without using any propane, oil, or natural gas make your home safer for you and the ones you love.

We invite you to read more hear about geothermal systems and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. You can reach us by email or phone and often find someone available for live chat during business hours by clicking the chat button to the right. Click below to learn more.

Why Choose Geothermal?

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