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Multi Room Ductless Cooling Systems

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At Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating and Electric, it is our goal to provide you with quality comfort. That’s why we only supply the top brands in all of our heating and cooling equipment and work with you to ensure that your needs are met to the best of our ability.

Our team understands that each heating and cooling solution is unique - depending on location, moisture, aesthetic preference, ease of use, affordability and so many other factors. Whether you are looking for a heating solution for your Muskoka cottage, a cooling solution for your home in Gravenhurst, Ontario, or an independent cooling unit for the granny suite you just added to your home - we have the solution and equipment for you! 


Halcyon™ Ductless Multi-Room Mini-Split Systems 

Our top ductless multi-room system at Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating and Electric is by Halcyon. These multi-room mini-split systems are able to provide comfort in a variety of specific situations and locations. These versatile systems are great for your home, the office and commercial stores. Allowing flexibility, due the lack of ductwork, multi-room systems allow for more space and creativity! If you’re looking for a flexible and affordable heating and cooling solution, the mini split system may be the best choice!

  • Multi-room systems can operate one indoor unit or many indoor units, depending on your needs.
  • Multi-room systems allow for multiple setup styles with our range of Mini-split units- wall mount, slim duct, compact cassette, and floor mount
  • Mini-split systems are increasingly efficient HVAC units, with up to 8 combinations being ENERGY STAR® qualified.
  • With our range of ductless products, you can create thousands of combinations based on your specific indoor type and BTU requirements.

Ductless Multi-Room Mini-Split Unit Types

Wall Mounted Ductless Unit

  • Operation From Anywhere
  • Energy Saving Program (ESP)
  • Programmable Remote
  • Powerful Heating
  • Quiet Operation
  • World Class Performance
  • Inverter Technology

Floor/Ceiling Ductless Unit


These ductless models are universally mounted, meaning they can mount low on the floor or low on the wall, yet high enough for a vacuum to get under them. They can also be mounted on the ceiling. A popular application for this model is in hallways where wall space is limited.

Cassette Type Ductless Unit


Extremely discreet, with only the grill showing in the ceiling.

Latest fan technology distributes the conditioned air evenly throughout the room. Ceiling cassette systems provide both heating and cooling and are popular in commercial applications such as offices, conference rooms, restaurants, night clubs and bars, as well as new construction condominiums and homes.

Duct Type Unit

Slim ducts provide comfort cooling or heating for small room applications. Features include high efficiency up to 21.5 SEER, heating at low temperatures down to -5ºF, compact design, quiet operation, a standard wired remote control, and the ability to bring in fresh air.

Air Handling Unit Type

Leveraging cutting edge inverter technology, Fujitsu’s new ductless system combines the revolutionary side discharge outdoor units with a modular design indoor unit. The result is a high efficiency, space saving, and quiet single-zone system with no compromise!


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