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FG7TC-VS Two-Stage, Variable-Speed Gas Furnace

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Energy Efficient

One of our efficient HVAC offerings. High-efficiency equipment can help you reduce utility bill spending.

Enhanced Home Comfort

Variable-speed motor technology provides a better mix of air, reduces hot and cold spots, and increases overall home comfort.

Maximum Cooling Efficiency

Contains an energy-efficient motor that can help most air conditioners and heat pumps achieve peak efficiency.

Gas furnaces that include variable-speed technology reduce noise associated with operation, provide more consistent temperatures throughout a home and improve indoor air quality. The FG7TC-VS two-stage, variable-speed gas furnace is rated at 95.1% AFUE for money-saving performance. In fact, this model qualify for an ENERGY STAR high-efficiency designation. When you pair this model with most air conditioners and heat pumps, you can maximize their efficiency and all-around energy-saving performance.

This furnace can be paired with our high-efficiency, iQ Drive air conditioner or heat pump.

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